South Asian Cities Summit, 2016

06 May 2016 - 07 May 2016

The Ashok, New Delhi



Realising this potential with a holistic view in providing sustainable & livable solutions for cities, All India Institute of Local Self-Government, and United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific along with other National & International organizations announces the 3rd South Asian Cities (SAC) Summit 2016 on Smart Cities- Aspirations & Challenges. The Summit will convene a high‐profile gathering of national, international, state and local government officials, utilities, policy makers, financiers, technologists, non-profit organisations, business leaders, academicians, researchers and community organizations – with a common goal of working together to develop and build a better future for South Asian cities and their citizens. It will also showcase cutting-edge technology, latest innovations, useful and replicable ideas and actions on various aspects of smart city development. The summit is expected to witness more than 500 delegates internationally.






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