NSWAI Awarded Certificate to School Students for a Green Initiative Project

28 Aug 2017 - 28 Aug 2017

at Delhi NSWAI Office


NSWAI Awarded  Certificate to School Students for a Green Initiative Project

NSWAI President Dr. Amiya Kumar Sahu and Chairman , Delhi NCR NSWAI Dr. Ajay Pradhan awarded NSWAI Certificate  to school students at Delhi NSWAI Office on 28.08.2017 for their green initiative project . 


Project name : Project paparazzi

Led by : Yajan Munjal  and  Soumya khera …students of Class XII at “The SHRI RAM  School, Moulsari Avenue , Gurugram.

Project Paperazzi is   a Green Initiative Project, a project aimed at protecting environment, recycling and using waste paper.

The project is based on the philosophy of   RE- COLLECT, RE CYCLE & RE USE. They have been engaged with it for last one year.

They are collecting old paper, newspapers, rough notebooks, shredded paper from households/ offices, , have done a tie up with an organization Green o Tech at Delhi, who helps  them recycle / convert this to notebooks, free of charge if the collection is minimum of  400KG in one lot , and then they distribute these to children in schools who need it the most via a tie up with NGOs.


Progress So far and Proof of concept :  So far  , they have collected   1380 KG of waste collection and have converted them in 350 notebooks, with nthe help of Green – O tech , and have tie up with an NGO Child reach India to distribute these notebooks to underprivileged children,  at 04 Nos of Jaitpur MCD schools .  A Proof of concept  has been well done and proven. Details are also at the Link :  link  https://www.facebook.com/projectpaperazzi  and at the Green-O-Tech blog http://greenotechindia.com/category/paper-recycling/


The Impact so far of 1380 KG recycling  has been :

Carbon Saved :            5065 KG

Electricity:                   5658 KW

Water :                        41400 litres

Trees :                         24 Nos and in addition, Green O Tech planted 14 trees for their  green initiatives.


Next Steps and  Expansion with help of the school/ corporates : Project Paperazzi is  very keen to share this project with other schools, both private, and Govt schools, and seek their support. We think, if the students  community and the Schools  join  us in this drive, we can make it very sustainable and also increase the impact multi fold. . There are fundamentally three aspects we can seek support.

 1.    RE Collect:  Schools anyways encourage newspaper drives. We can have the waste paper drive at the schools.  Collection Boxes ( made available by paparazzi) can be placed in the school. We can have the children bring in the waste paper once every fortnight. We can have the pickup planned every month. We can target 400 KG per month to begin with at each location..  . We have thus have some children join us in the Re Collect Drive. We can have two big waste collection boxes in the school..

2.   Recycle: As we have already tied up with Green O Tech   NGO, for our project.  , we can have green- - tech Come every month / very fortnight and collect this waste collection from our locations. ( if we can  target 400 KG per month.)., and recycle/ convert this. Some volunteers can join this management and coordination with Green O Tech .

3.    RE USE: The Notebooks that would be made of this recycling can be distributed to the MCD schools under privileged   schools.  


 This can give us the impact of our initiatives,. This could be a Huge differentiator   as schools , could also then showcase their  contribution to the Green Initiative  and the COP21 commitment that India has taken.. With Just  400 KG per month for a Year.. which is actually a a very small target.. we could have saved 100 trees… and would have had a matching of ~60 Trees planted by the green o tech. .. I think, we can achieve this very easily and this is very easily   scalable,, as newer students keep connecting with us.. The only costs are.. waste collection Boxes/ Bins . Rest is all about the convergence of our initiatives and   leveraging of  Tie Ups done through Green O tech  and childreach India by paparazzi .


regards, project paparazzi team.. Yajan & soumya  




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