Sr. No  Topic Author Source Pg. No.
1 Optimising waste from electric and electronic equipment collection systems Henning Friege,Michael Oberdörfer,and Marko Günther WMR March, 2015 223-231
2 Post-closure care of engineered municipal solid waste landfills AmalenduBagchi andAbhik Bhattacharya WMR March, 2015 232-240
3 Co-digestion of municipal sewage sludge and solid waste: Modelling of carbohydrate, lipid and protein content influence A Nielfa,R Cano,A Pérez,and M Fdez-Polanco WMR March, 2015 241-249
4 Valorisation of biodiesel production wastes: Anaerobic digestion of residual Tetraselmissuecica biomass and co-digestion with glycerol David U Santos-Ballardo,Xavier Font-Segura,Antoni Sánchez Ferrer,Raquel Barrena,Sergio Rossi,and Angel Valdez-Ortiz WMR March, 2015 250-257
5 Enabling safe dry cake disposal of bauxite residue by deliquoring and washing with a membrane filter press TeemuKinnarinen,BoguslawLubieniecki,Lloyd Holliday,Jaakko-JuhaniHelsto,and AnttiHäkkinen WMR March, 2015 258-266
        6         The effect of moisture on the release and enrichment of heavy metals during pyrolysis of municipal solid waste Helena Raclavská,AgnieszkaCorsaro,AdélaHlavsová,Dagmar Juchelková,and OndřejZajonc WMR March, 2015 267-274
        7         Effect of pyrolysis temperature on chemical and physical properties of sewage sludge biochar Zahra Khanmohammadi,MajidAfyuni,and Mohammad Reza Mosaddeghi WMR March, 2015 275-283  
       8       Enhancing engagement with community sector organisations working in sustainable waste management: A case study John Dururu,Craig Anderson,Margaret Bates,WaleedMontasser,and Terry Tudor WMR March, 2015 284-290
       9       Leaching ofMetals, Organic Carbon and Nutrients fromMunicipalWaste under Semi-Arid Conditions H. Iqbal ,M. Anwar Baig, M. UsmanHanif, S. Usman Ali, M. Flury IJER Volume 9, Issue 1 187-196
       10       Aerobic Composting of Solid Waste Generated from Aurangabad city A.M. Late , M.B. Mule IJER Volume 8, Issue 2 285-288
       11       Anaerobic Digestion of Slaughterhouse Solid Waste for the Optimization of Biogas Production M. Medina-Herrera, A. Rodríguez-Garcia , L. Montoya-Herrera, J. Cardenas-Mijangos, L.A. Godinez-Mora-Tovar,E. Bustos-Bustos, F.J. Rodriguez-Valadez, J. Manriquez-Rocha IJER Volume 8, Issue 2 483-492
       12       Waste to energy – key element for sustainable waste managementl Paul H. Brunner, Helmut Rechberger Waste Management Vol-37, March,2015 3-12
       13       Economic aspects of thermal treatment of solid waste in a sustainable WM system Antonio Massarutto Waste Management Vol-37, March,2015 45-57
       14       Ultrafine particle emission of waste incinerators and comparison to the exposure of urban citizens Giorgio Buonanno, Lidia Morawska Waste Management Vol-37, March,2015 75-81
       15       Thermal treatment of solid residues from WtE units: A review Daniel Lindberg, Camilla Molin, MikkoHupa Waste Management Vol-37, March,2015 82-94
       16       Evaluation of resource recovery from waste incineration residues – The case of zinc J. Fellner, J. Lederer, A. Purgar, A. Winterstetter, H. Rechberger, F. Winter, D. Laner Waste Management Vol-37, March,2015 95-103
       17       Pyrolysis technologies for municipal solid waste: A review Dezhen Chen, Lijie Yin, Huan Wang, Pinjing He Waste Management Vol-37, March,2015 116-136
       18       Wastes could be resources and cities could be mines Jinhui Li WMR April, 2015 301-302
       19       Suitability of biochar as a matrix for improving the performance of composting toilets Nowaki Hijikata, Natsuru Yamauchi, Masaki Ishiguro, Ken Ushijima, and Naoyuki Funamizu WMR April, 2015 313-321
       20       Compost maturity and nitrogen availability by co-composting of paddy husk and chicken manure amended with clinoptilolite zeolite Omar Latifah, Osumanu Haruna Ahmed, Kassim Susilawati,and Nik Muhamad Majid WMR April, 2015 322-331
       21       Modelling and evaluating municipal solid waste management strategies in a mega-city: The case of Ho Chi Minh City Le ThiKimOanh, Jacqueline M Bloemhof-Ruwaard, Joost CL van Buuren, Jack GAJ van der Vorst, and Wim H Rulkens WMR April, 2015 370-380
       22       Urban waste management and the mobile challenge Antonis Mavropoulos, Maria Tsakona, and Aida Anthouli WMR April, 2015 381-387
       23       Effects of biochar amendment on geotechnical properties of landfill cover soil Krishna R Reddy, Poupak Yaghoubi, and Yeliz Yukselen-Aksoy WMR,April 2015 524-532
       24       Application of MFA as a decision support tool for waste management in small municipalities Nemanja Stanisavljevic, Svjetlana Vujovic, Miodrag Zivancev, Bojan Batinic, Bojana Tot, and Dejan Ubavin WMR, June 2015 550-560
       25       Feasibility analysis of municipal solid waste mass burning in the Region of East Macedonia CJ Athanasiou, DA Tsalkidis, E Kalogirou, and EA Voudrias WMR, June 2015 561-569
       26       Study on detecting leachate leakage of municipal solid waste landfill site Jiangang Liu, Xianxian Cao, Yingbo Ai, Dongdong Zhou, and Qiting Han WMR, June 2015 588-592
       27       Estimating municipal solid waste generation by different activities and various resident groups in five provinces of China Hui-zhen Fu, Zhen-shan Li, Rong-hua Wang Waste Management Vol-41, July,2015 3-11
       28       Characterisation of chemical composition and energy content of green waste and municipal solid waste from Greater Brisbane, Australia San Shwe Hla, Daniel Roberts Waste Management Vol-41, July,2015 12-19
       29       Use of genetic algorithms to improve the solid waste collection service in an urban area Otoniel Buenrostro-Delgado, Juan Manuel Ortega-Rodriguez, Kevin C. Clemitshaw, Carlos González-Razo, Iván Y. Hernández-Paniagua Waste Management Vol-41, July,2015 20-27
       30       Flotation separation of waste plastics for recycling—A review Chong-qing Wang, Hui Wang, Jian-gang Fu, You-nian Liu Waste Management Vol-41, July,2015 28-38
       31       A life cycle assessment of environmental performances of two combustion- and gasification-based waste-to-energy technologies Umberto Arena, Filomena Ardolino, Fabrizio Di Gregorio Waste Management Vol-41, July,2015 60-74
       32       The decay of wood in landfills in contrasting climates in Australia Fabiano Ximenes, Charlotte Björdal, Annette Cowie, Morton Barlaz Waste Management Vol-41, July,2015 101-110


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