Sr. No  Topic Author Source Pg. No.
1 Review of past  research and proposed action plane for landfill gas to energy applications in India Faisal Zia Siddiqui and Sadaf Zaidi WMR  January  2013 3
2 Municipal solid waste management in Beijing: characteristics and challenges Hao Wang and Chunmei Wang WMR January 2013 67
3 Integrated  waste management as a climate change stabilization wedge for the Maltese islands  Clyde Falzon and  Simon G fabri, et al. WMR January 2013 73
4 Estimating  the magnitude of food waste generated in South Africa  Suzan HH Oelofse and Antone Nahman WMR January 2013 80
5 Municipal solid waste management for total resources recycling: a case study on Haulien country in Taiwan  Yu-Min Chang and Chien Chung Liu, et al. WMR January 2013 87
        6         Carbon abatement via treating the solid waste from the Australia olive industry in mobile pyrolysis unity: LCA with uncertainty analysis   Ali El Hanandeh WMR January 2013 341
        7         Modelling of the whey and cow manure co-digestion process  Andrea Hublin and Bruno Zelic WMR April 2013  353  
       8         Effect of operating parameters on bio- fuel production from waste furniture sawdust Basak Burce Uzun and Gulin kanmaz WMR April 2013  361
       9    Solid recovered fuel production from biodegradable waste in grain processing industry Irina Kliopova and Jurgis Kazimieras, et al. WMR April 2013  384
10        Analysis of energetic and exergetic efficiency , and environmental benefits of biomass integrated gasification combined cycle technology Maria minguez and Angel Jimenez, et al. WMR April 2013  401
11      Economic feasibility of ethanol production from biomass and waste resources via catalytic reaction Sun-Hwa Yeon and dae- Hyun Shin, et al. WMR April 2013 421
12      A case study of the characteristics of municipal solid waste in Asturias(Spain): influence of season and source Leonor Castrillon and  Yolanda Fernandez- Nava WMR April 2013 429
13    Development and application of the decision support system for municipal solid waste management in central Taiwan Yao-Jen Chang and Min-Der Lin WMR  May 2013  435
14    Recycling behavior of householders living in multicultural urban area : a case study of Jarva, Stockholm, Sweden Sviatlana Miafodzyeva, Nils Brandit, et al. WMR  May 2013 447
15 Assessment of municipal solid waste management scenarios on Irkutsk  (Russia) using a life cycle assessment integrated waste management model Alisa Tulokhonova and OlgaUlanova WMR  May 2013 475
16 Economic and employment potential in textile waste management of Faisaladad Muhammad Noman and Syeda  Adila , et al. WMR  May 2013 485
17 Determining factors for the presence of impurities in selectively collected biowaste Ignasi Puig-Ventosa and Jaume Freire-Gonzalez, et ai. WMR  May 2013 510
18 Resource recovery of scrap silicon solar battery cell Ching –Hwa Lee and Chi-En Hung, et al. WMR  May 2013 518
19 An environmentally friendly process for the recovery of valuable metals from spent refinery catalysts Laura Rocchetti and Viviana Fonti, et al. WMR June 2013 568