Sr. No                      Topic             Author Source Pg. No
         1 Cost function analysis for solid waste management: a developing country experience. Shantha R Parthan, Mark W Milke, et al.   WMR    May    2012 485
         2 Solid waste generation and decomposition using compost bin technique in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia Christstopher O Akinbile and Mohd Suffian Yusoff   WMR    May    2012 498
         3 Fluidized- bed gasification of dairy manure by Box-Behnken design Hanjing Wu, Milford A Hanna, et al.   WMR    May    2012 506
         4 The business model of solid waste management in Sweden- a case study of two municipally- owned companies Herve Corvellec, Torleif Bramryd,et al.   WMR    May    2012 512
         5 Possible interaction between recirculated landfill leachate and the stabilized organic fraction of municipal solid waste  Paolo S Calabro and Giuseppe Mancini  WMR    May    2012 551
         6 Metals in RDF and other high calorific value fraction from mechanical treatment of MSW: analysis and sampling errors Stefan Skutan and Paul H Brunner  WMR    July    2012   645
         7 Trend in sustainable landfilling in Malaysia, a developing country SH Fauziah and Agamuthu  WMR    July    2012   656
          8 Identification of junk buyers’ contribution to recycling of household waste in Hanoi, Vietnam, through a physical composition analysis Kosuke Kawai, Masahiro Osako, et al.  WMR    July    2012   681
          9 Framework for life cycle sustainability assessment of municipal solid waste management systems with an application to a case study in Thailand SNM Menikpura, Shabbir H Gheewala , et al.  WMR    July    2012   708
        10 Two phase anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste: estimation of methane production Prayoon Fongsatitkul, Panagiotis Elefsiniotis , et al.  WMR    July    2012   720
        11 How can successful multi- family residential recycling programme be initiated within Baltimore city, Maryland  Michael B Schwebel WMR    July    2012   727
        12 Solid waste characterization in Ketao, a rural town in Togo, West Africa Maklawe Essonanawe Edjabou, Jacod Moller,  et al.  WMR    July    2012   745
         13 A review of nation municipal solid waste generation assessment in the USA David Tonjes and Krista L Greene   WMR   August     2012 758
        14 Monitoring of municipal waste generated in the city of Warsaw  Emilia den Boer, Jan den Boer, et al.   WMR   August    2012 772
        15 Public private sector partnership in household waste management as perceived by resident in south-west Nigeria Eugene E Ezebilo and Emmanuel D Animasaun   WMR   August    2012 781
        16 Resource management performance in Bahrain: a systematic analysis of municipal waste management, secondary material flows and organizational aspects Maram K AL Sabbagh , Costas A Velis,  et al.   WMR   August    2012 813
         17 Solid waste management in Croatia in response to the European Landfill Directive Ira Stanic- Maruna and Johann Fellner   WMR   August    2012 825
         18 Effect of  recycling activities on the heating value of solid waste: case study of the Greater Vancouver Regional District Ali r Abedini, James W Atwater, et al.   WMR   August    2012 839
         19 New developments in waste management in the Netherlands Maarten Goorhuis , Pieter Reus, et al.  WMR September   2012  67
         20 The implementation of Anaerobic digestion of food waste in a highly populated urban area: an LCA evaluation Mario Grosso , Chiara Nava, et al. WMR September   2012 78
         21 Site- specific criteria for the completion of landfill aftercare David Laner , Johann Fellner , et al. WMR September   2012 88
         22 Properties of municipal solid waste incineration ashes with respect to their separation temperature  Martin Keppert, Zbysek Pavlik , et al.   WMR   October     2012 1041
         23 Thermogravimetric characterization of dairy manure as pyrolysis and combustion feedstocks Hanjing Wu, Milford A Hanna, et al.   WMR   October     2012 1066
         24 Initial studies of the recovery of Cu from MSWI fly ash leachates using solvent extraction Karin Karlfeldt Fedje, Christian Ekberg, et al.   WMR   October     2012 1072
         25 Chemical and sewage sludge co-incineration in a full-scale MSW incinerator : toxic trace element mass balance Laura Biganzoli, Mario Grosso , et al.    WMR   October     2012 1081
         26 Methane emission from landfills in Serbia and potential mitigation strategies : a case study Nemanja Stanisavlievic , Dejan Ubavin , et al.   WMR   October     2012 1095
         27      Quantifying capital goods for collection and transport of waste Line K Brogaard and Thomas H Christensen  WMR December     2012 1243
        28       Incorporating waste into an experimental school prototype: lessons regarding materials reclamation opportunities Kong Seng Yeap and Naziaty Mohd Yaacob et, al. WMR December    2012  1251
        29     Public opinion about the source separation of municipal solid waste in Shanghai, China Weiqian Zhang and Yue  Che ,et al. WMR December    2012  1261
        30     Biodrying of municipal solid waste under different ventilation modes: drying efficiency and aqueous pollution  Li-Ming Shao and Xiao He, et al.  WMR December   2012  1272
        31      Analysis of total copper, cadmium and lead in refuse- derived fuel(RDF): study on analytical errors using synthetic samples Stefan Skutan and Philipp Aschenbrenner WMR December   2012  1281
        32    Municipal waste management and energy recovery in an Italian region Federica Cucchiella, Idiano D’Adamo , et al. WMR December   2012  1290
        33       Putting solid household waste to sustainable use: a case study in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Marcia da Silva Carvalho, Luiz Pinguelli Rosa, et al. WMR December   2012 1312