Sr. No. Topic Author Source Page No.
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3 Processing Poultry Feathers into keratin hydrolysate through alkaline - enzymatic hydrolysis   Mokrejs et al. WMR - March 2011 260
4 Effect of addition of cattle slurry plus different types of livestock litter to an acid soil and on the production of grass and corn crops   Fernandez-Sanjurjo et al. WMR - March 2011 268
5 Predicting the co-melting temperatures od Municipal Solid Waste incinerator fly ash &sewage sludge ash using grey model & neural network   Pai et al. WMR - March 2011 284
6 Carbon monoxide formation and emissions during waste incineration in a grate - circulating fluidized bed incinerator   Zhang et al. WMR - March 2011 294
7 Optimum municipal solid waste collection using geographical information system (GIS) and vehicle tracking for Pallavapuram municipality   Kanchanabhan et al. WMR - March 2011 323
8 Evaluation of pitch up of two-axle solid waste collection compactor trucks in the static condition   de Freitas Souza et al. WMR - March 2011 340
9 Diagnosis & optimization of the composting process in full scal mechanical- biological treatment plants   Marco Baptista, Fernando Antunes & Ana Silveira WMR - June 2011 565
10 Progress od organic matter degradation and maturity of compost produced in a large-scale composting facility   Kiyohiko Nakasaki and Taketoshi Marui WMR - June 2011 574
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12 Nitrification of high-strength ammonium landfill leachate with microbial community analysis using fluorescence in situhybridization (FISH)   Norjan Yusof, Mohd Ali Hassan , et al. WMR - June 2011 602
13 Analysing the production and treatment of Solid Waste using a National Accounting Framework   Roel Delahaye, et.al WMR - July 2011 751