Sr. No Topic Author Source Pg. No
1 Reclamation of a mine contaminated soil using biologically reactive organic matrices Paula Alvarenga, Ana Paula Gonclaves, Rosa Maria Fernandes, Amarillas De Varennes, Elizabeth Duarte, Ana Cristina Cunha-Queda WMR March 2009 101
2 Fertilization of Pinus pinea L. seedlings with a sewage sludge-based compost Henrique M. Ribeiro, Ernesto Vasconcelos, Fernanda Cabrat,Dina Riberio WMR March 2009 112
3 Co-composting of Poultry manure with low quantities of carbon-rich materials Maria E. Silva, Luis T. Lemos, A. Cristina Cunha-Queda, OlgaC. Nunes WMR March 2009 119
4 Rotary drum composting of different organic waste mixtures Aiay S. Kalamdhad, Absar A. Kazmi WMR March 2009 129
5 A laboratory-scale comparison of compost and sand-compost-perlite as methane-oxidizing biofilter media Andrew Philopoulos, Juliane Ruck, Daryl McCartney WMR March 2009 138
6 Performance of a full-scale biofilter with peat and ash as a medium for treating industrial landfill leachate: a 3-year study of pollutant removal efficiency Pille Kangsepp,Lennart Mathiasson WMR March 2009 147
7 Indicators to access the recovery of natural resources contained in demolition waste Nicolas Roussat, Jacques Mehu, Christiane Dujet WMR March 2009 159
8 On the prevailing Construction waste recycling practices: a South East Queensland study Vivian W.Y. Tam, Duangthidar Kotrayothar, Yew-Chaye Loo WMR March 2009 167
9 Recycling of plastic waste by density separation prospects for optimization Malcolm Richard Gent, Mario Menendez, Javier Torano, Isidro Diego WMR March 2009 175
10 Incentive regulation and performance measurement of the Portuguese solid waste management services Rui Cunha Marques, Pedro Simoes WMR March 2009 188
11 Management of healthcare waste in circumstances of limited resources: a case study in the hospitals of Nablus city. Palestine Issam A. Al-Khatib,Yousef S. Al-Qaroot, Mohammad S. Ali-Shtayeh WMR June 2009 305
12 Hospital waste management system-a case study of a south Indian city P. Hanumantha Rao WMR June 2009 313
13 National Solid Waste Management plan for Iraq James A. Knowles WMR June 2009 322
14 Hospital medical waste management in Shandong Province, China Ruoyan Gai, Chushi Kuroiwa,Lingzhong Xu, Xingzhou Wang, Yufei Zhang, Huijuan Li. Chengchao Zhou, Jiangjian He. WeiTang, Chushi Kuroiwa, Wei Tang WMR June 2009 336
15 Treatment of infectious waste: development and testing of an add-on set for used gravity displacement autoclaves Rene Stolze, Jan-Gerd Kuhling WMR June 2009 343
16 Waste management in primary healthcare centres of Iran Alireza Mesdaghinia, Kazem Naddafi, Amirb Hossein Mahvi, Reza Saeedi WMR June 2009 354
17 Factors driving the development of healthware waste management in the United Kingdom over the past 60 years William K. Townend, Christopher Cheeseman, Jen Edgar, Terry Tudor WMR June 2009 362
18 Hospital waste management status in Iran: a case study in the teaching hospitals of Iran University of Medical Sciences Mahdi Farzadkia, Arash Moradi, Mojtaba Shah Mohammadi, Sahand Jorfi WMR June 2009 384
19 In itinere strategic environmental assessment of an integrated provincial waste system Giovanna Federico, Gianfranco Rizza, Marzia Traverso WMR June 2009 390
20 Life-cycle assessment of the Municipal Solid waste Management System in Hangzhou, China Yan Zhao, Hong-Tao Wang, Wen-Jing Lu, Anders Damgaard, Thomas H.Christensen WMR June 2009 399
21 Microbial methane oxidation processes and technologies for mitigation of landfill gas emissions Charlotte Scheutz, Peter Kjeldsen, Jean E. Bogner,Alex De Visscher,Julia Gebert,Helene A.Hilger, Marion Huber-Humer, Kurt Spokas WMR August 2009 409
22 Influence of biological pre-treatment of Municipal solid waste on landfill behaviour in Sri-Lanka Egodaha G.W.Gunawardana,Benedit F.A. Basnayake WMR August 2009 456
23 The considerations of long term emissions from landfills within life-cycle assessment David Laner WMR August 2009 463
24 Potential environmental impacts of using refuse derived material for landfill capping Martin Van Praagh, Kenneth M.Presson,Patrik Karlsson WMR August 2009 471
25 Spatial and multi-criteria decision analysis-based methodology for landfill site seletion in growing urban regions Hakan Ersoy, Fikri Bulut WMR August 2009 489
26 The impacts of a recycling surcharge to increase landfill tipping fees in Wisconsin John F. Katers, Dawn Walczak, Tucker Burch WMR August 2009 501
27 Hydralic performance of a full-scale peat and ash biofilter in treatment of industrial landfill leachate Pille Kangsepp, Lennart Mathiasson, Peter Dahlblom, William Hogland WMR August 2009 512
28 Effect of oxidized vleachate on degradation of lignin by sulfate-reducing bateria Jong-Ho Kim, Moonil Kim, Wooken Bae WMR August 2009 520
29 Tertiary Treatment of landfill leachates by adsorption Elena Maranon, Leonor Castrillon, Yoland Fernandez-Nava, Alejandro Fernandez-Mendez, Arcadio Fernandez-Sanchez WMR August 2009 527
30 Treating landfill Leachate by electrocoagulation Job Contreras, Mario Villarroel, Rodrigo Navia, Margarita Teuti WMR August 2009 535
31 Environment assessment of Ammassuo Landfill (Finland) by means of LCA-Modelling(EASEWASTE) Antti Niskanen, Simone Manfredi, Thomas H. Christensen, Reetta Anderson WMR August 2009 542

WMR-Waste Management & Research Journal, Published by International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)