Sr. No Topic Author Source Pg. No
1 Microbial methane oxidation processes and technologies for mitigation of landfill gas emissions Charlotte Scheutz, Peter Kjeldsen, Jean E. Bogner,Alex De Visscher,Julia Gebert,Helene A.Hilger, Marion Huber-Humer, Kurt Spokas WMR August 2009 409
2 Influence of biological pre-treatment of Municipal solid waste on landfill behaviour in Sri-Lanka Egodaha G.W.Gunawardana,Benedit F.A. Basnayake WMR August 2009 456
3 The considerations of long term emissions from landfills within life-cycle assessment David Laner WMR August 2009 463
4 Potential environmental impacts of using refuse derived material for landfill capping Martin Van Praagh, Kenneth M.Presson,Patrik Karlsson WMR August 2009 471
5 Spatial and multi-criteria decision analysis-based methodology for landfill site seletion in growing urban regions Hakan Ersoy, Fikri Bulut WMR August 2009 489
6 The impacts of a recycling surcharge to increase landfill tipping fees in Wisconsin John F. Katers, Dawn Walczak, Tucker Burch WMR August 2009 501
7 Hydralic performance of a full-scale peat and ash biofilter in treatment of industrial landfill leachate Pille Kangsepp, Lennart Mathiasson, Peter Dahlblom, William Hogland WMR August 2009 512
8 Effect of oxidized vleachate on degradation of lignin by sulfate-reducing bateria Jong-Ho Kim, Moonil Kim, Wooken Bae WMR August 2009 520
9 Tertiary Treatment of landfill leachates by adsorption Elena Maranon, Leonor Castrillon, Yoland Fernandez-Nava, Alejandro Fernandez-Mendez, Arcadio Fernandez-Sanchez WMR August 2009 527
10 Treating landfill Leachate by electrocoagulation Job Contreras, Mario Villarroel, Rodrigo Navia, Margarita Teuti WMR August 2009 535
11 Environment assessment of Ammassuo Landfill (Finland) by means of LCA-Modelling(EASEWASTE) Antti Niskanen, Simone Manfredi, Thomas H. Christensen, Reetta Anderson WMR August 2009 542
12 Evaluation of human urine as a source of nutrients for selected vegetables and maze under tunnel house conditions in Eastern Cape, South Africa Perason N. S. Mnkeni, Funso R. Kutu, Pardon Muchaonyerwa and Lorimer M. Austin WMR August 2009 132
13 Factors influencing household participation in recycling Paula Vincente and Elizabeth Reis WMR August 2009 140
14 Environmental impact and cost of solid waste: a comparison of landfill and incineration Ari Rabl, Joseph V. Spadaro and Assad Zoughaib WMR August 2009 147
15 Release of nitrogen and trace metal species from field stack biosolids John M. Peckenham, James A. Nadeau, Aria Amirbahman and Richard S. Behr WMR August 2009 163
16 Bacterial community patterns and thermal analyses of composts of various origins Susanne Klammer, Brigitte Knapp, Heirbert Insam, Maria Teresa Dell’Abate and Margarita Ros WMR August 2009 173
17 Sources and factors controlling the disposal of biodegradable municipal solid waste in urban and rural areas of Cyprus Lakovos Skourides, Stephen R. Smith and Michael Loizides WMR April 2008 188
18 Assessment of microbiological and parasitological quality of composted wastes: health implications and hygienic measures Rossella Briancesco, Anna Maria Coccia, Gianluca Chiaretti and others WMR April 2008 196
19 Use of glazed ceramic waste as additive in mortar and the mathematical modeling of its strength Zehra Gulten Altin, Seyfettin Erturan and Abdulkadir Tepecik WMR April 2008 209
20 Production of biologically safe digested manure for land application by a full scale biogas plant with heat-inactivation Shigeki Uemura, Akiyoshi Ohashi, Hideki Harada and others WMR June 2008 256
21 Microbial characteristics associated with six different organic wastes undergoing anaerobic decomposition in batch vial conditions In Chul Kong WMR June 2008 261
22 Preliminary study for management of construction and demolition waste B Kourmpanis, A Papadopoulos, K Moustakas and others WMR June 2008 267
23 Mathematical modeling of compost process, and validation with experimental data Ana P Gomes, F. Antunes Pereira WMR June 2008 276
24 Modeling waste generation by the telecom sector in Nigeria: the grey side of the impressive outing o. Osibajo, I. C. Nnorom nad K.C. Ogbonna WMR August 2008 317
25 The performance of Spanish solid waste collection I. M. Garcia-Sanchez WMR August 2008 327
26 GIS-based modeling for the estimation of municipal solid waste generation and collection Nikolaos V. Karadimas and Vassili G. Loumos WMR August 2008 337
27 Nutrients and heavy metals distribution in thermally treated pig manure Ksawery Kuligowski, Tjalfe G. Poulsen, Peder Stoholm and others WMR August 2008 347
28 Describing variability of MSW composition data with the log-logistic distribution Mark W. Milke, Vincent Wong and Edward A McBean WMR August 2008 355
29 Utilization of kaolin processing waste for the production of porous ceramic bodies Romualdo R. Menezes, Maria I Brasileiro, Lisiane N.L. Santana and others WMR August 2008 362
30 Metal releases from a municipal solid waste incineration air pollution control residue mixed with compost M. Van Praagh and K. M. Persson WMR August 2008 377
31 Effect of drying on leaching testing of treated municipal solid waste incineration APC-residues Yuyan Hu, Jiri Hyks, Thomas Astrup and Thomas H. Christensen WMR August 2008 400

WMR-Waste Management & Research Journal, Published by International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)