Sr. No Topic Author Source Pg. No
1 Integrating Multi-criteria techniques with geographical information systems in wastes facility location to enhance public participation. Garry Higgs WMR April 2006 105
2 Environmental modeling of use of treated organic waste on agricultural land: a comparison of existing models for life cycle assessment of waste systems. Trine Lund Hansen, Thomas Hojlund Christensen WMR April 2006 141
3 Life cycle modeling of environmental impacts of application of processed organic Municipal Solid Waste on agricultural Land (EASEWASTE). Trine Lund Hansen, Gurbakhash S. Bhander, Thomas Hojlund Christensen WMR April 2006 153
4 Nitrogen mineralization and nitrate leaching of a sandy soil amended with different organic wastes. Pilar Burgos, Engracia Madejon, Francisco Cabrera WMR April 2006 175
5 The performance of a natural treatment for Landfill Leachate with special emphasis on the fate of organic pollutants. Lars Throneby, Lennart Mathiasson WMR April 2006 183
6 Oxygen intrusion into waste in old landfills of low organic content Amjed Kallel WMR June 2006 242
7 Protective effective of overlaying geosynthetic on geomembrane liner observed from landfill field tests and inclined board laboratory experiments Moonkyung Chung WMR June 2006 250
8 Report: Anaerobic digestion of a sulfate rich high strength landfill leachate: the effect of differential dosing with FeCl3 Zhebgjian Wang, Charles J. Banks WMR June 2006 289
9 Estimating the public preferences for solid waste management programmes using choice experiments in Macao Jianjun Jin, Zhishi Wang, and Shenghong Ran WMR August 2006 301
10 Approximate cost functions for solid waste treatment facilities Konstantinia Tsilemou and Demetrios Panagiotakopoulos WMR August 2006 310
11 Systems analysis as support for decision making towards sustainable municipal waste management - a case study Anders Klang, Per-Åke Vikman, and Helge Brattebø WMR August 2006 323
12 A knowledge acquisition process to analyse operational problems in solid waste management facilities Ioannis M. Dokas and Demetrios C. Panagiotakopoulos WMR August 2006 332
13 Composting of vegetable waste James I. Chang, J. J. Tsai, and K. H. Wu WMR August 2006 354
14 A model to estimate the methane generation rate constant in sanitary landfills using fuzzy synthetic evaluation Anurag Garg, Gopal Achari, and Ramesh C. Joshi WMR August 2006 363
15 A novel additive for the reduction of acid gases and NOx in municipal waste incinerator flue gas William J. Hall and Paul T. Williams WMR August 2006 388
16 Predicted growth of world urban food waste and methane production Bijaya K. Adhikari, Suzelle Barrington, and José Martinez WMR October 2006 421
17 Assessment of long-term pH developments in leachate from waste incineration residues Thomas Astrup, Rasmus Jakobsen, Thomas H. Christensen, Jette B. Hansen, and Ole Hjelmar WMR October 2006 491
18 An international waste convention: measures for achieving sustainable development Gary D. Meyers, Glen McLeod, and Melanie A. Anbarci WMR December 2006 505
19 Sulphur mineralization kinetics of cattle manure and green waste compost in soils Alessandro Saviozzi, Roberto Cardelli, Silvia Cipolli, Renato Levi-Minzi, and Riccardo Riffaldi WMR December 2006 545
20 Report: Recycling of flame-retarded plastics from waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) Martin Schlummer, Andreas Mäurer, Thomas Leitner, and Walter Spruzina WMR December 2006 573