Sr. No
Topic Author Source Vol. no Pg. no
Studies on the evaluation of municipal waste management systems Hisashi Hasome, Koichi Tachio, Isamu Yokota, and Yoshitaka Nitta WMR February 2001 19:1 2
An approach to assess level of satisfaction of the residents in relation to SWM system D.V. Raje, P.D. Wakhare, A.W. Deshpande, and A.D. Bhide WMR February 2001 19:1 12
Stormwater run-off and pollutant transport related to the activities carried out in a modern waste management park M. Marques and W. Hogland WMR February 2001 19:1 20
Experimental generation of organic dust from compostable household waste Kari Kulvik Heldal, Niels O. Breum, Brigitte H. Nielsen, and Ken Wilkins WMR April 2001 19:2 98
Urban solid waste generation and disposal in Mexico: a case study Otoniel Buenrosto, Gerardo Bocco, and Gerardo Bernache WMR April 2001 19:2 169
Identification of thermophilic and mesophilic bacteria and fungi in Esfahan (Iran) municipal solid waste compost Akbar Ghazifard, Rouha Kasra-Kermanshahi, and Zahra Etemadi Far WMR June 2003 19:3 257
A novel process using enhanced acidification and a UASB reactor for biomethanation of vegetable market waste K. V. Rajeshwari, K. Lata, D. C. Pant, and V. V. N. Kishore WMR August 2001 19:4 292
Modeling of the biodegradation of organic matter in municipal landfills A. Haarstrick, D. C. Hempel, L. Ostermann, H. Ahrens, and D. Dinkler WMR August 2001 19:4 320
Instruments for sustainable solid waste management in Botswana D. L. Kgathi and B. Bolaane WMR August 2001 19:4 342
A solid waste audit and directions for waste reduction at the University of British Columbia, Canada Melissa A. J. Felder, Royann J. Petrell, and Sheldon J. B. Duff WMR August 2001 19:4 354
An integrated programme for municipal solid waste management Massimilano Fabbriino WMR October 2001 19:5 368
Integrated analysis for pre-sorting and waste collection schemes implemented in Spanish cities Rosario Vidal, Antonio Gallardo, and JOse Ferre WMR October 2001 19:5 380
Evaluation of multifarious solid waste management systems - A goal programming approach A.V. Shekdar and P.B. Mistry WMR October 2001 19:5 391
Solid waste characterisation study in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone, Mexico Gerardo Bernache-Perez, Salvador Sanchez-Colon, Ana Maria Garmendia, Arturo Davila-Villarreal, and Maria Elena Sanchez-Sakazar WMR October 2001 19:5 413
Characterisation of municipal solid waste and its recyclable contents of Guangzhou Shan-Shan Chung and Chi-Sun Poon WMR Dec2001 19:5 473
Comparison of methods used in the collection of source-separated household waste Juha-Heikki Tanskanen and Juha Kaila WMR Dec2001 19:5 486
Co-combustion of shredder residues and municipal solid waste in a Swedish municipal solid waste incinerator L. Aae Redin, M. Hjelt, and S. Marklund WMR Dec2001 19:5 518